Not my day job…

So I have been promising some cuddly animal photos since I got back from the wedding I shot at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, so here you are. Some of them aren’t quite so cuddly.

It was a bit of a break from the normal day to day and I won’t be shooting for National Geographic anytime soon…I would need a bigger lens for a start, but it was great fun and there were lots of photographic challenges with the bright light and strong shadows. Not something we regularly need to deal with in Scotland, but ideal practice for the wedding.

If anyone is interested in any of the pictures check out for prints or digital files.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Some great photos Claire. What an awesome experience and opportunity.

    1. What can I say the day job is a toughie! 😉

  2. Donald McInnes says:

    Fabulous Photos, bet you had a great time, nothing like the rigours of the scottish climate I bet.

    1. The Scottish climate hasn’t been too bad recently 🙂

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