Cath and Zaria’s beautiful autumn themed ceremony

I was very lucky to get the opportunity to capture Cath and Zaria’s beautiful and creative, autumn themed civil-partnership on Halloween at Carberry Tower, Mid-Lothian.

With the same sex marriage bill coming into effect today in Scotland I wanted to share some of their lovely pictures and congratulate them on finally being able to officially call it a marriage. It’s about time!

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Christmas Present Ideas

Looking for Christmas gifts?

Here are a few ideas for families and budding photographers.

Complete the form at the bottom or contact me directly to order your vouchers.

Family Photography Vouchers*

2 christmas family photography voucher

The gold voucher is £125 and entitles the holder to a 2 hour photo shoot with me at their home, a location of their choice or at my studio at 90 Giles Street. It includes a choice of a beautiful linen wrapped 8×8 trifold featuring 3 images or £50 towards other products.

The silver voucher is £75 and entitles the holder to a 1 hour photo shoot at their home, on location or the studio. A choice of a beautiful linen wrapped 8×8 trifold or £25 towards other products.

Both options include a consultation before hand to get the most out of their session, and a password protected online gallery to view all their pictures.

Photography Training Vouchers**

The personalised approach in Leith £50

4 hour training course starts with basic composition and how to get the most out of our equipment, whether using a camera phone, tablet or SLR. There is then an opportunity to ask questions about personal photography challenges, before we focus on everyone’s specific areas of interest. The remainder of the time will be used to practise different styles and techniques, feedback, more practise and coffee and cake (from Mimis).

These courses are held in my natural light studio at 90 Giles Street near the Shore in Leith. We are ideally situated surrounded by lots of creative opportunities and picture taking inspiration. There is maximum of 6 people per course so that everyone gets tailored attention.

Photography and fun on the Union Canal £35

2 hour course and cruise in the newly refurbished Lochrin Belle on the Union Canal. It begins by looking at how to compose better pictures in general and specific tips for different kinds of photography. Then there will be time for questions before lots of practice opportunities both on and off the boat, feedback, more tips, more practice and tea, coffee and cake.

photography training voucher for union canal cruise

*Terms and conditions apply in terms of travel etc. Full details available on request.

**These photography training vouchers are best suited to beginners or those whose interest in photography is creative. I would be happy to recommend other options for those looking for more technical or advanced training.

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Pout 2013 Round Up

First of all, a big thank you to all those who dropped by last month at Pout Edinburgh at the Corn Exchange. An extra thanks to all the lovely ladies who let me take their pictures for the ‘Pout of the Weekend’ competition. I had a great weekend made better by all the beautiful ladies that stopped to talk to me and get their pictures taken. Just in case you haven’t seen the pictures here are the links to Saturday’s and Sunday’s albums on the Pout Facebook page.

Family photography competition news: I was also running a wee competition over the weekend to win a family photo session. There were some great answers. My favourites included ‘bonkers’, ‘dysfunctional’, ‘mayhem’, but the most popular answers were ‘fun’, ‘memories’, ‘love’ and the winner was Andrea Waugh who correctly guessed all 3 words.

Andrea wins a on location family photo session, password protected online gallery and 12×12″ multi image frame to display her great photos in. Congratulations!

That just leaves me to leave you with a few of the gorgeous ladies that made the weekend so fun.

If you would like to keep in touch and find out about up and coming news sign up for my monthly newsletter. Full of tips, news and special offers!

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Love, laughter and a great party…everything a wedding should be!

Mairi and Ryan have known each other since they were children and while love came later…as you can see, we should all be so lucky!

Here’s the beautiful story of their day. Full of love and laughter and finished with a great party!

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A beautiful wedding in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Where would your idea wedding destination be? Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia has to be up there on my list, so I was very lucky last month to get a chance to shoot the wedding of my good friend Fiona and her now husband Andrew. Thanks guys it was amazing.

It was an brilliant few days with fantastic people and a lot of firsts. I’ve never been to a wedding where the bride took less than an hour to get ready. Where guests insisted that the bride and groom have their first dance halfway through desert so that everyone else could get up and dance…they love to party. Or where when it became evident that there was no knife to cut the cake someone kindly provided a swiss army knife. Just so much laughing!

Lots of challenges on the photography front too as I haven’t had to deal with that much sunshine since Fiji a few years ago. Not a common issue in Scotland. The most common lighting challenges usually being tungsten or fluorescent or just the complete lack of light.

If you would like to see the entire gallery check it out here. Thanks to Fiona and Andrew for letting me share their day with you all.

Give me a call on 07763092221 if you want to discuss your big day or send me an email xxx

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Not my day job…

So I have been promising some cuddly animal photos since I got back from the wedding I shot at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, so here you are. Some of them aren’t quite so cuddly.

It was a bit of a break from the normal day to day and I won’t be shooting for National Geographic anytime soon…I would need a bigger lens for a start, but it was great fun and there were lots of photographic challenges with the bright light and strong shadows. Not something we regularly need to deal with in Scotland, but ideal practice for the wedding.

If anyone is interested in any of the pictures check out for prints or digital files.

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Please help! I love Mondays…

…but I’m not a fan of the end of the week and I’m not sure what to do about it. So any tips and advice would be much appreciated.

I’m starting to think it is a self-employed issue. I used to be normal. Well okay not particularly normal but I used to have a five day work week with the first working day being bad and the last day great then two days off. Now, it’s much more complicated.

Why is it a problem? Well loving Monday is great. I start the week with the feeling of anything’s possible, but by the end of the week I always feel I’m chasing my tail and haven’t achieved half of what I had planned. The result is I feel I have to work through the weekend there are no days off. Is this a bad thing? I’m not sure.

I do feel stressed about the idea of working through the weekend, but it’s common for photography so why does it bother me? Is it just social conditioning? Other people’s expectations? And it’s not like I don’t spend a lot of time training (fitness) through the week, so my work life balance isn’t that bad. It’s the lack of structure I think that I have the issue with at sometimes…I almost feel like I spend more time remembering all the things I have to do that actually doing them.

So this is my small business blog asking for advice from all you busy people. How do you manage your time and commitments to make sure everything gets done and you don’t feel that it is all too much?

All advice and ideas are very welcome!

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