Tired and self-indulgent…

Too many ideas…not enough time to think about them is my current issue, which has led me to have a bit of a bi-polar week. Often I find myself flying high buoyed but the fantastic people I’ve met and great opportunities that present themselves only to come crashing down again with the realisation of how much work needs to be done and there just isn’t enough time to do it within the time frame I’ve set myself.

Don’t get me wrong I have no interest in a quiet life and everything just cruising along…which is just as well as I’ve spent the last 15years of my life going out of my way to avoid it, but this week has been exhausting and even as I write this my brain is listing things that I have run out of time to complete and I can feel a night of grinding my teeth, followed by waking up with a headache, to come.

It’s a weird feeling. Does anyone else get it? I know I should go to bed but I’m almost loathed to because it is like admitting defeat. It’s like saying I will get nothing else done tonight. It doesn’t matter that I know I will suffer from it tomorrow…at this precise moment in time staying up and working is delaying the start of another week, which already has it’s own list of tasks and deadlines. Saying that I will be fine when Monday comes.

This also may sound odd but I love Mondays…Monday is full of opportunities…I think “This week I will get through everything”…”This week things will be different” and sometime they are, but at others are not. I find these weeks, like the one whose minutes are ticking away as I type, very hard. These are the weeks when I spend the weekend with a low grade headache and a sense of doom…I’m getting mellow dramatic again…that’s what comes of writing blog posts approaching midnight on Sunday nights, but this is defiantly better therapy than anything else I could think of so you’ll just have to indulge me.

Oh well 10 minutes to midnight I’d better admit defeat, 6 am will come round all to quickly.

I will leave you on a more positive note thou. I’m thinking of the following for future posts…let me know which sounds the most interesting;

  1. How do you value your time?
  2. Business to business how do we treat our peers and how does that reflect our personal successes and failures.
  3. Who are photographers ads designed to impress? Customers or other photographers?
  4. How do you want to pay for wedding photography?
  5. Maternity photography…the best present you can give.
  6. Portraits…positive happy space.
  7. Planning, planning and more planing!

Vote on Facebook or Twitter for what would interest you the most.


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I'm a photographer, teacher, wanabe triathlete, ex-international rugby playing explorer.

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