Make it a Mother’s Day she will remember…

A man’s work is from sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done.

Two great offers for mums and mums to be this week. Why not instead of getting your mum chocolates that she doesn’t really want, and that you know you will end up eating anyway, or flowers that will be dead in a week, you get her something that she will love forever. A picture of the people that she loves most in the world.

Mother's Day Voucher 02.03.2013 onlineYou can give her a family photo shoot at a location of her or your choice. You could even arrange it as a surprise. The voucher is £100 and includes an online gallery of all the pictures from the shoot from which she can choose her 3 favourite digital images. She can then get them printed when, where and how she likes.

Or maybe you know a great mum to be and are searching for a fantastic maternity or baby shower gift. So what about getting her a ‘Mother & Baby’ voucher that she can decide to use as she wants. The voucher is £250 and the mum to be can decide how she uses it. She might prefer two shoots, a maternity and a newborn, with 30 credits (£300 equivalent) to spend a beautiful album, or three shoots to mark the first year of their little ones life, at newborn, 6 and 12 months, with 20 spending credits (£200 equivalent) to get a selection of their favourite prints mounted and framed.

Mother & Baby voucher
Mother & Baby voucher

Make it a Mother’s Day she’ll remember.

To order a voucher give me a call on 07763092221 or email with your name, the address to send the voucher to and any additional information you would like included, like your mum’s name.
T&Cs available on request. Digital vouchers only after Wednesday 6th.


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