Valentine’s Winners…how do you get people involved?

Last week I decided to run a wee competition running up to Valentine’s Day to promote my couples…engagement, wedding photography. I was also interested to see what topics people were most engaged with and what days and times were best to post to get the best response. It’s really difficult to tell as you can go off the industry research, but I am never sure how targeted it is. When in doubt…experiment!
The competition was a different question everyday to find out about people’s #MostRomantic things. The questions were as follows:

Day 1. What is the most romantic flower? (Not including roses)

Day 2. Guess. What is the most romantic present I have recieved? (On reflection this was a rubbish question as it was too obscure and didn’t illicit any useful information from people. In addition, to being too long to put on Twitter easily)

Day 3. What is the most romantic quote or poem?

Day 4. What is the most romantic song?

Day 5. What is the most romantic place in Scotland? (I thought this last one would get the most people involved as I targeted lots of tourism and Scottish tweeters, but got very little response. I’m not entirely sure if that is because of how they use their accounts or how I approached then about it. I will have to do a bit of research this week to see how I could have made this work better.)

The winners were: Day 1 Flower = Shirley Coote, Day 2 Present = no one got close, Day 3 Poem = Suzanne Shinnie, Day 4 Song = Saskia MacEachen who all won a location shoot for a couple at a location of there choice, including a online gallery and 3 prints. Valentine’s Day was won by Mhairi McCallum with her most romantic place in Scotland being Coral Beach, Dunvegan, Skye. Mhairi won a £200 voucher towards wedding photography, an engagement shoot and prints. Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you for everyone who entered.
So on reflection was the promotion a success? It’s a little early to say at the moment. Looking at the obvious numbers the interaction with my Facebook page increased more than paying for advertising ever has, so purely on that it has to be counted as a partial success. I’ll have to wait and see if it has any direct impact on bookings, but fingers crossed.
As they say everything in business is a learning process…here’s to keeping learning 😉



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