Love in the snow

Good things come to those who wait…I’m not convinced by this most of the time. I have no patience and much prefer to make things happen, but with the weather in Scotland that isn’t really possible.

Sometimes you just have to be patient and waiting for snow has just been one of those things this year (I’m including the end of last year too). I first spoke to Emma and Mike about their engagement shoot just after the summer and at the time we were really keen to do a snowy engagement shoot later in the year…then there was no snow! Then last weekend I got a text from Emma on Saturday morning to say there was lots of snow in Edinburgh, so I jumped out of bed and headed to the Gallery of Modern Art. The plan had been to head down to the Water of Leith to do the shoot, but again we were thwarted as the entrance had been closed because of a landslip!

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley” To a Mouse – Robert Burns

So after a quick rethink we settled on the grounds of the Gallery itself and here was the result.

There is also 5 days left to book your free engagement shoot with my ‘try before you buy’ offer that ends on the 31st of January, so come on what do you have to lose?





Published by Claire

I'm a photographer, teacher, wanabe triathlete, ex-international rugby playing explorer.

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