Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails…

…that’s what little boys are made of.

I love doing kids portraits on location, they’re just so much fun…but also really challenging. Different weather conditions, how the kids are feeling, time constraints, are only a few of the factors you have to deal with.

My most recent shoot was one of my most challenging so far…losing light fast, one tantrum including tears and hiding in a toilet, one comedian who insisted on pulling faces in every picture and, finally, a baby brother who had to follow do everything his big brother did. Haha these things are sent to try us…

…through a combination of patience, bribery and humour we managed to get something out of the little darlings!

When I started doing kids portraits I came to the realization that sometimes you just have to admit defeat and come back a different day, but it hasn’t happened yet. If you are interested in booking a shoot I guarantee a free reshoot if the outcome of the shoot doesn’t match your expectations. But as I said it hasn’t happened yet…I have a feeling that it is only a matter of time though 😉

Here are the little horrors…


Published by Claire

I'm a photographer, teacher, wanabe triathlete, ex-international rugby playing explorer.

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