Weddings and the weather…


I love taking pictures outside, but there is no avoiding it, I live in Scotland. For those of you from further afield, our weather can be a little inclemental, to put it mildly. Over the last two days we have had flooding, bright sunshine, snow, frost, strong winds…and probably a few more that I missed, just to keep things interesting.

What it got me thinking about is how should I deal with this as a photographer? Should I hide and try to avoid it, plan round it, plan for it? Maybe a bit of everything? What I have decided is that I’m going to embrace it and revile in it! I was inspired by some great images from distant shores, New Zealand to be precise. They have similarly entertaining weather.

I haven’t had the opportunity to really tackle our weather head on yet, but I wanted to show you what can be achieved while paying homage to Tandem Photography, from Christchurch, NZ at the same time. Have a look…Tandem on Facebook 1 Tandem on Facebook 2 

I love the different atmosphere in these images and they inspire me to take on the challenges Scottish weather will set for me this summer. I’m actually looking forward to it…I might have had too much coffee today 😉

It has just occured to me that this is a very British post…discussing the weather…but I’m sure it’s a conversation I will have a number of times this year so best to be prepared.


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  1. Sussing out venue’s before hand is a good idea. I know where we are getting married there is a massive tree which makes for excellent cover when taking outdoor photos if raining.

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