Wedding and Engagement marketing…step 2

So as I wander into the strange new world of marketing and advertising I thought I’d up date you on how I’m getting on…no philosophy today 😉

The website is starting to look and function how I want it to. Still some things to do but I’m now feeling that it is a much better representation of what I’m selling, me. I went for much darker style than you often see on wedding and portraiture sites for two reasons. First, I prefer it, never been a fan of pastels since I was a child. That wasn’t a particularly business based decision I admit. The second, and main reason, is that I feel it represents my style of photography better. I want your eye to be drawn to the beautiful images not distracted by the design of the site, which mirrors how I try to run a shoot, where you get caught up in the moment and don’t focus on the photographer. Have a look and let me know what you think

So what came next was trying to get everything linked up and talking to each other…for more computer literate people this might seem very straight forward. I struggled, but I think I’m improving…or at least I hope I am. Facebook page, blog, Twitter all seem to be communicating and linked to the website in some way or another…phew…picture someone wiping sweat from their brow 😉

Now time for the more traditional forms of advertising. I touched on this in Step 1 where I mentioned the two magazines I am going to be appearing in, The Wedding Guide and The Best Scottish Weddings. The former also comes with an online listing where I can keep pushing my philosophy…sorry I promised no philosophy, didn’t I? And the later gave me a chance to edit my ad and talk about one of my favourite pictures. You can see them below…

I also got another opportunity with The Wedding Guide to rework one of my earlier posts into an article on engagement shoots, so I will be appearing in print too! See the screen shot of the article in the slide show at the end.

But no I’m not finished, you can also come and see me in person next month, 12th and 13th of May, at the Dream Weddings Scotland wedding fair at the Sheraton in Edinburgh, which will be both very exciting and scary, so come and talk to me…please…I’m not above begging, ask anyone 😉 I’ll come through to Glasgow later in the Summer, just looking for the right opportunity.

Finally as far as my online presence is concerned I’m also listed with the Wedding Finder and I’m waiting for the Societies to update my profile with pictures and a couple of corrections…for some reason Lanarkshire is listed in England…not ideal.

Phew…more wiping or the brow…I have been busy haha!

Watch this space for what kind of special offers you can look forward to at the show at the Sheraton.

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