Wedding pictures that tell a story…

I was asked recently for my favourite wedding picture for a magazine gallery. And while I have great shots of brides looking stunning and happy. They are not the ones that resonate with me. That is not to say those shots are not equally important, but the shots I love always illustrate something more personal about the wedding. They tell the story of the day.

The picture I chose is not a traditional wedding shot. It does feature both the bride and groom, but the bride is out of focus in the background and it is of the back of the groom’s head…doesn’t sounds promising does it…but what ties it together is the couple’s 18month old daughter asleep on her daddy’s shoulder.

So why is it one of my favourite shots? Well to set the scene it started off as a fairly fractious day. Both sides of the family have a few very strong characters and there are a few challenging relationship dynamics, so while great people individually you wouldn’t necessarily want all of them all together in the same place for an extended amount of time. The result of which was that the bride and groom had been running interference for a couple of days leading up to the wedding and their little girl had been picking up on that tension, in addition to not settling particularly well away from home. The result of which was she hadn’t been sleeping well, so neither had anyone else, and to be perfectly honest (her mum won’t mind me saying this) she was being a bit of a nightmare.  On the morning of the big day all she wanted was her daddy, but that wasn’t possible because he had to do some last minute organisation. The result was she wouldn’t stop crying and everyone was a bit tense, and while happy, a bit on edge.

So having set the scene I’ll get to the p0int of the story. It was a beautiful ceremony and afterwards, while everyone was standing around getting their pictures taken, she finally got her daddy. This shot was taken at the end of the formal pictures when she relaxed and fell asleep. It was at this point in time that everyone else in the wedding party relaxed too and focused on the wonderful couple and brilliant day. So this picture for me represented not just the change of atmosphere but also how sometimes we need to see past the little things and focus on the bigger picture, especially when it comes to the people we love. Love should alway be celebrated and for me this picture represents that.

…as I’ve used it for all my print advertising I hope it speaks to you too. All that it leaves me to do is to show you the picture I suppose…

It also helps that it was shot in Fiji on a gorgeous bright day 😉


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