More wedding fun and games…

My question is what is the best way to market myself as a wedding photographer…I’m just going to put it out there into the ether, not in the hope that someone answers, more as a starting point to my thought process.

I know the market I am aiming for; late twenties to thirties, living together, strong sense of who they are as people both individually and as a couple, prefer a more natural ‘reportage’ style with some traditional shots thrown in (got to keep the mums happy). They don’t want the photography to have too much impact on the day but still value beautiful pictures as a lifelong reminder of the promises they have made each other and the love their family has for them…if that describes you in anyway…I WANT YOU!

What I offer as a photographer and as a person….on the photography front I have strong artistic eye, steadily growing technical skills (I don’t know everything and never will but find me someone who does) and a creative drive to take pictures that connect to those in them on an emotional level.  Then as a person I find that I am able to make people feel relaxed (some faster than others) and confident in both themselves and in my ability…I had to work hard at this in my years as a ESL teacher…I also find that, with couples, I can fade in to the background a little so that they forget I’m there, leading to much more natural pictures…or at least that is the plan, being 5’10” (180cm) with red hair comes with it’s own challenges on that front 😉

So how do I connect who I want with what I am? I’m starting to wish I had studied Marketing instead of Tropical Environmental Science…hahaha…I’m off on my bike to think about it and hopefully by Monday I will have a plan, at least an initial plan.

Wish me luck and I hope you’re all having a good weekend. x


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