Working from home…how will I survive?


Today I’m going to take a step back from the photography side and look at how I’m going to survive working from home. As usual I’d love to hear any words of wisdom you have to offer…you don’t have to be working from home. I think the pace of modern life can leave us all feeling a bit overwhelmed at times.

So working from home…some days it really does feel like an insurmountable barrier. Don’t get me wrong a lot of the time it’s a joy. You can use your time more efficiently and do things when it suits you not someone else’s 9 to 5 schedule, but…and it’s a big BUT…there is also everything else.

There are the little things like the constant implication that you don’t really work or at least you don’t work as hard as someone who ‘has to go to work’…the distractions like ‘It’s sunny outside I’d better hang the washing out’…and the difficulty in keeping to a schedule when you don’t have other people as a point of reference. Writing this blog is a prime example, as if I had people asking me for things or saying it’s time for lunch, I would be much more prudent with my time. Instead what I find myself doing…far too often…is rewriting and editing to make it a little bit better, but in reality taking twice as much time to complete the same task. These things are a bit frustrating but I know how to deal with them and every type of work has it good and bad points. They’re not my issue.

My issue is turning off. Last week really drew my attention to it as it was the second week in a row I ended up spending Saturday in bed in the afternoon staving off a migraine. Definitely time to have a long hard look at myself!

What it basically came down to was averaging 5hrs sleep a night and eating bread + Vegimite with a couple of toasted sandwiches thrown in for good measure and, the nail in the coffin, 15hr days of which less than half was used productively the rest was travel, waiting around. To summarise I was knackered, undernourished and stressed. So this week is going to be different!

1. I am going to be in bed by 11pm…no matter what rubbish is on TV.

2. I’m going to eat regular meals…that actually contain vegetables…not just dairy derivatives 😉

3. I’m going to schedule my travelling better so I spend less time waiting and more time doing.

4. I’m going to clear my desk and write a plan for the next day every night so that I’m clear on what has to be done and when.

5. I’m going to exercise everyday (may sound excessive but I’m an addict).

6. …any additional tips…

With that I’m going to sign off as I have washing to hang out and soup to eat. Please comment if you have something that has worked for you. Cheers!


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