Why engagement pictures are important…

So why are ‘engagement’ ‘pre-wedding’ pictures important I hear you ask? Well I’ll tell you…

…but first a little bit on why I decided on this topic. I had a few ideas for different post topics this week but ‘engagement’ won out because of a comment I received yesterday, following Fiona and Paul’s shoot.  It went as follows…

It’s always nice to get positive feedback from clients but this was more that that. In 4 lines Fiona, without any prompting from me (honest!), had stated the 4 things I wanted to achieve in by doing the shoot;

1. Make the couple feel comfortable (especially those whose previous experiences of being photographed are very negative).

2. Make sure they have fun.

3. Give them photos that they love (especially if they exceed expectations ;).

4. Make them feel happy and excited about getting their photos taken on the big day.

I can’t over stress how important it is for you, as the bride and groom*, to have confidence in your photographer. On your wedding day there shouldn’t be a doubt in your minds. You should be happy in the knowledge that the photographer understands what is important to you and be relaxed and happy about having your pictures taken. You shouldn’t be  worrying about whether you’re going to be late for the meal or if all the group shots, your mums wanted, have been done.

The only way to make sure of this is to have your picture taken by the photographer before the big day.  By having an ‘engagement’ or ‘pre-wedding’ shoot you get to know them and how they work, and they learn about you, from which parts of your body you don’t like (we all have them) to how important it is that you get your picture taken with your granny (who’s the reason you are getting married in the first place). You’ll get better pictures on the day if the photographer knows all this too, I promise.

You also have to like them. If you don’t get on after a 1hour shoot, imagine how much they will get on your nerves after 6+hours. Then you get the photos back and every one is tainted with the irritation you felt on the day. Don’t do it!

If the photographer doesn’t make you feel happy and confident bin them and find someone else. It’s that simple.

I just read that back and, in addition to changing from 3rd to 2nd person halfway through (I fixed it), I also sound like I am setting myself up as an expert, which is not the case. However, as most people who know me will testify, I’m usually right…well they might not be saying it but I’m sure deep down they know it 😀 LOL

Coming soon, my take on how you pay for your wedding photography, but that needs some work on the logistics before I feel confident in sharing it.

All that leaves me to do is finish with a picture of my inspiration for this entry Fiona and Paul.

*NB: I said ‘groom’ too…boys, for other things in the wedding you may have taken a back seat, but this is not the time to do that. Stiff, bored, uncomfortable looking grooms spoil photos. If you think the photographer is an arse you have to say so ;D



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