The best way to do things…


What is the best way to do something?

This is a question that routinely haunts my obsessive compulsive self. I hate the idea of spending lots of time on something, unnecessarily…even worse having to come back and do it again because I didn’t file or save it properly. It got so bad this morning with Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop (photo editing software for the non-photographers out there). I was almost frozen in place trying to workout what was the best course of action…muddle though with my existing knowledge of Photoshop, as I can use it, but not in a way that anyone would describe as efficient…or study up on all the various tools online first then try and improve my workflow…or…or…

As the list of options got longer I could feel time slipping away from me without any progress being made…this happens to me regularly. I always go big picture, as a teacher it was a bonus. You look at everything you know about a person and use it to help them set and then reach their goals one step at a time. In my interactions with clients it is also a great, as you get a sense of their style and what is important to them, which enables me to take images that the client connects with on a personal, not just artistic level…or that is the goal, at least.

However, when it comes to myself, I struggle with putting one foot in front of the other. I have always been like this…I’m sure lots of us are. We know where we want to go but struggle to workout what the first step is or, my personal favourite, try and do everything at the same time, which I have yet to make work for me.

This is the thing I have found most challenging about starting my own business. At times it has made me feel so anxious that I have had to walk away from what I’m doing just to regain the ability to think. It is one of the reasons for writing this blog, to help me clarify my ideas. I have to concentrate when I write to make logical sense which helps me put all the ideas flying around my head into some sort of order.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this entry, photography software. I have decided to give myself a break and follow the advice of Alex Polizzi ‘The Fixer’ (I’m sure lots of other people, including me, have said it too) and just do one thing at a time, not worry about the best way for now. It’s more important to get the job done. Then over time I will add little bits and pieces that will make my workflow become faster and more efficient and eventually it will be where I want it to be.

So I took my own advice and edited Dawn and Liam’s engagement shoot using existing knowledge and didn’t stress (well tried not to) about it being the best possible system. I focused on what a great and fun couple the are and how much I wanted to show them how happy and in love they look in their pictures. It may have taken a bit longer than a top pro but I had a great time. Maybe that is the key…to cut myself a bit of slack take a deep breath and focus on what I love. It will all get done.

On that note blog done ‘tick’ on to the next thing on my list…

10.03.2012 Aberdour, Fife, Scotland.



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  1. suzanneedge says:

    I finally figured out how I could create an action for something I had been taking HOURS to do before…I wanted to kick myself in the head – but it’s also a great feeling to realise something new and move on….
    cut yourself some slack! If you don’t get it done (even if it takes longer) you’ll never move on…
    (I should listen to myself huh?!)
    Love the engagement shots……(and it never crossed my mind how you editedd them btw)

    1. Ta Suz…hahaha still not grown out of the kicking and the head thing? How’s that listening to your own advice going?
      That was my thinking the entire time I was writing the blog…you know how to fix this so why are you not doing it? Go figure. I think it’s a girl thing, always being your own worst enemy. Saying that today is about something that has been sitting at the top of my to do list for a month…HMRC 😦 because if I don’t sort it out soon I will be paying fines.
      This week’s mantra will pay homage to Nike…’Just do it!’ x

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