Hello world!

Time to make a commitment to myself and anyone who is interested. I am going to update this blog twice a week. Not just to keep everyone up to date with the business but also to maintain my own sanity. I find sitting in front of a computer a bit of a challenge at times.

This blog is going to cover the trials and tribulations of setting up my new business. Anything and everything from the banking to the babies.

I have to warn you I am an expert in nothing so if its advice you’re looking for turn away now. However, if you’re happy to learn from someone else’s mistakes I’m your girl…as unfortunately, I’m sure there will be a few. You can’t take the plunge without the realisation that everything you’re doing for the first time isn’t going to be perfect. Despite the obsessive compulsive in me wanting it to be.

So with that I’m off to format this blog to make it look just right…wish me luck!


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